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1. Take a good survey before you go
This is the first rule of safe journey. Traveling is not just money. When choosing your destination, you need to carefully consider each step of the way, what culture you are, what your political situation is, the places where you are most visited or where you are away, your unique...

Mountain hiking or mountain climbing is a type of adventure tour, limiting the age of organizing this trip. Mountain trek is a journey of adventurous, risky and aggressive journey, and it is not a travel destination for people with overweight people, children, cardiovascular and hypertension. There are too many people on the mountain trek and are...

1. Bruges, Belgium
The city will give you the impression that a medieval period is only a few days away. Here you can see the 17th-century house that has been a beautiful stone path, fountain, chariot, and now a shop and service. The best season to travel to this city is winter. Because of the lack of tourists...