10 cities you must visit in Europe

1. Bruges, Belgium
The city will give you the impression that a medieval period is only a few days away. Here you can see the 17th-century house that has been a beautiful stone path, fountain, chariot, and now a shop and service. The best season to travel to this city is winter. Because of the lack of tourists in the winter, there is nothing better than a Christmas holiday in the snow-capped city!

2. Budapest, Hungary
Ancient history is divided into two parts: Budapest. On the one hand, the Buddha is sitting on a hill over a hill, where it reaches a bridges. The beautiful scenery, beautiful scenic city of Buda, the Buddha tower and the Danube River are visited by tourists. On the other side of the suspension bridge, Pesht is located in the center of Budapest, the center of Budapest, the monastery, opera theater, and the nightclub.

3. Edinburgh, Scotland
Edinburgh, the medieval old city of Edinburgh, is the centerpiece of a pedestrian walkway and a neoclassical architectural-design house, Edinburgh, one of the most beautiful cities in Europe. The most prominent part of the city is Edinburgh's castle's highlands, and it's possible to enjoy the wide-open scenery of the vast Scottish area on the edge of the Dead Sea Arthur's Seat. The best time to travel to Edinburgh is August and Edinburgh's hobbies and festivals are so crowded and so fascinating.

4. Helsinki, Finland
Take a trip to the west of Stockholm, the city of Helsinki. The beautiful seaside town is a world-famous seafood shop. So, if you go there, you can enjoy a wonderful beach trip, and you can taste the world's fastest growing food.

5. Mostar, Bosnia and Herzegovina
You will never regret traveling to the city of Herzegovina, a small town in Herzegovina. This beautiful city is the bridge of Stari Most Stone Arctic, which connects two of the medieval castles of Balkan, one of the most famous bridges. The center of the city is the heart of the city, as shoppers, merchants and retailers on both sides of the bridge and the green lawn for the summer.

6. Porto, Portugal
Portugal's romantic city does not love portraiture. The beaches of Rio Douro on the coast of the city include architectural designs, magnificent color complexes, homes with painted pencils, statues with medieval bellows, and beautiful Baroque monasteries.

7. Salzburg, Austria
Located in the eastern part of the Alps in the north of the Austrian Germany, the town of Lamphas is a fairy tale city. With the UNESCO listed in the city, Baroque monasteries and green gardens, you will find the Disney Tale House and cartoon images resurrected.

8. Seville, Spain
If you want to see the life of the hot bloody Spanish people, go to the city of Seville. The city is known for its "Motherland Flandre", popularly known as the Plaza de Toros de la Real Maestranza. The best time to travel to Seville is April. Because Flamenco dancers, who are wearing colorful colors during this time, are really "resurrecting the streets".

9. Tallinn, Estonia
The capital of Estonia, Tallinn, is one of the destinations of the Russian Federation and the Scandinavian culture, and it is one of the destination destinations for a highly calm and peaceful city.

10. Verona, Italy

Recently, the city of Verona has attracted visitors to Italy. Although there are still a few who know about this town, there is a place where the Romance of the Shakespeare's Romeo Juliet plays. Even in the city where the ancient Rome shopping center was still a classic art game, When you arrive, visit the Casa di Giulietta or the Juliet platform.