Tips for Hiking

Mountain hiking or mountain climbing is a type of adventure tour, limiting the age of organizing this trip. Mountain trek is a journey of adventurous, risky and aggressive journey, and it is not a travel destination for people with overweight people, children, cardiovascular and hypertension. There are too many people on the mountain trek and are not good at damaging the environment, but they are protected by state special protection, taking into account the nature and nature of their natural zones. To organize mountain trips and to climb the mountain, it is best to: These include:
1. Be knowledgeable and aware of safety
2. Need a lot of mountaineering experience
3. Travel dedicated lane
4. Made of rope harness, designated clothing, compass, shoe bag, goggles, etc. Prepared articles / winter warm clothing, boots hat goggles /
5. Prepare foods and medicines (eg high mountain climbing, changing heart and blood pressure), you need to be well prepared to prepare the necessary medicines.
Mountain travel rules
1. Rocks and rocks are prohibited
2. Do not discard waste
3. Go for a special purpose road in the hills and mountains
4. Preparation of the fuel must not be broken, and picking up the fallen tree
5. Do not fire or prevent fire
6. Obtaining a license from the Environmental Department
7. Do not harm the biodiversity component of plant cover and wildlife